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MESMAC are men's sexual health charity based in Yorkshire with affiliated organistations working out of several locations across the North of England.

They previously had ten different websites covering all of the services that they offered and they wanted to pull these together into one, centrally managed and identifiable website.

They also wanted users to be able to find information on the site more easily than was previously possible.

Alpha Omage Web Solutions provided them with an integrated Content Managed Solution whereby administrators from different part of the organisation could take ownership of content, whilst all changes would be passed through a central approval process.

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Features of note on the site are the ability to create forms on the fly to allow users to make enquiries or express an interest in the range of services that the organisation require.

Images can be organised into javascript powered slideshows and hostory of changes to content are tracked by way of a revisioning system which requires content to be approved before being made live on the site.