The Gazelli Wishing Tree Project

The Gazelli wishing tree - homepage

Gazelli Cosmetics were looking for a way to engage with potential customers.

They proposed an online "wishing tree" where users could gain entry into a prize draw by leaving "wishes" and submitting some details about themselves.

They needed a slick and effective onine implementation of their idea to conincide with an in store event that they were running at the Harrods store in Knightsbridge, London.

Once you have left a wish, it is left on the tree so subsequent visitors to the site can read the wishes that have been left.

The Gazelli wishing tree - viewing a wish
The Gazelli wishing tree - make a wish

Users details are collected by way of an ajax powered html form that is loaded into the page, so you never have to navigate away from the homepage.

At the backend, a couple of simpe tools were provided that would allow Gazelli to screen entries and download the collected data so they could store it offline and add it to their customer database.