Cornwall Terrace Website and Presenter

Cornwall Terrace property development - property view

Initially, the Cornwall Terrace interactive touch-screen presenter was designed for the Top-Marques Exhibition in Monaco to lure visitors to the stand and keep them interested.

The site presented floor plans of the properties on offer as a three-dimensional stack. This was created in flash, using the Papervision 3D library.

Following the exhibition, the presenter became a permanent fixture in Cornwall Terrace's on-site marketing suite and was received so well it was decided that the presenter should be developed for the web.

The exhibition’s presentation needed to be adapted to the web environment with more traditionally intuitive design and navigation. The new design and build would need to change the way the images were treated to one that was optimised for the web environment and still look as impressive on computer screens of all sizes.

The optimised Flash website created, allowed for scalable window sizes and smooth behind the scenes image buffering, the complete experience which was updatable as the development of the properties continued.

Cornwall Terrace property development - history section
Cornwall Terrace property development - property slideshow

The new site is a seamless, true to original, web user experience that plays homage to the classical style of the properties on offer.